Beny Alagem: Resurrecting Icons & Building Communities

Beny Alagem: Resurrecting Icons & Building Communities

Much like that of the man who owned the Beverly Hilton before him, the story of Beny Alagem’s entrepreneurial journey is a winding one – and at each juncture, the same singular theme emerges.

“The most important part is the creation,” Alagem says, peering across the conference table in the Beverly Hilton at the team he has assembled. “What do you create?”

Alagem’s answer to the question has changed over the years, from semiconductors to luxury developments, but the drive to innovate has remained. Where did that drive originate? We asked Alagem how those who knew him best might answer that question. “My mother never used the word ‘entrepreneurial,’” Alagem says. It wasn’t in her vocabulary – at least, not in English.

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